Trust Your Automation

Increase iteration speed and reduce software maintenance costs by building durable web automated tests with Paladin.


Building is easy. Maintaining isn't.

It's easy to write brittle automation code that breaks almost immediately after developers make a small change in the product. With Paladin, you can build your automation suite. We'll handle the maintenance.

Easy to use

Great for non-coders

Built on top of WebDriver and Selenium

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Building your tests with Paladin is simple. Specify actions, such as "click" and tell it what you want to "click" on using our built-in tools.


Run your tests against Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You can also run your tests using a cloud service such as Browserstack or Saucelabs.


As your product changes, your tests will eventually break. To fix broken tests, use the debugger to fix issues quickly.

Create Durable Tests

Build Beautiful Test Reports

Infinitely Customisable

Dedicated Online Support

Modularize Tasks Into Clusters

Save Time On Maintenance

  • For Businesses

    Paladin aims to increase productivity in your business by automating redundant browser tests. While some teams can afford to hire large QA or dedicated automation testers, small teams usually house one or two quality assurance engineers. Paladin is intended to aid said quality assurance engineers in building automated web tests in a way that allows them to reduce the time spent on maintaining automation scripts.

    We offer a beautiful development environment. And to the thoughtfully presented documentation, featuring code custom reports with screenshots, a powerful debugger, backed by industry standard tooling for automation and you've got yourself one powerful value package.

  • For QA Engineers

    Paladin offers a clean and contemporary development environment for automating browsers. Paladin aims to become the successor to Selenium IDE.

    Some features that Paladin offers are:

    A powerful debugger

    Beautiful report generation with screenshots

    SauceLabs and BrowserStack integrations

    Modular clusters for actions

  • For Novice Coders

    Paladin enables QA professionals with zero programming experience to build automated web tests right away. Our goal is to help you start automating fast and eventually to help you grow into a member of the team with substantial knowledge and know-how in web automation.

    In the case that you do want the ultimate control of building your scripts with a programming language, we provide you with the export feature that will migrate your automation script to a programming language.

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